Linggo, Marso 18, 2012

You Are The One(Original) Wally & Reynold Palmaso Gepiga

Original Christian Song Composition
By : Bro.Reynold And Wally 

You Are The One

Youre my inspiration
you lift me up when i was down
you showed me the right direction
when there was nowhere left to run

you gave peace in my life 
you held my hand never let it go
you gave me the right to salvation
and how can i take you for that 

Oh my LORD there's no other one 
coz you are the one
makes my life complete
now that you're here , here by my side
i promise you that i will never let you go
i will be strong and i will hold on
until my last breath
I'll be yours
coz u are the one

Youre my light from darkness
you make me smile from loneliness
even if im all alone 
in your arms i found my home

_ thanks for watching .. this is dedicated to all of us .. specially to our brethren ..
hope you like it :)
-wally and rey

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