Lunes, Marso 5, 2012

Aftermath of the magnitude 5.3 quake in Masbate, Philippines

AM classes suspended in Masbate after the Earthquake

MANILA, Philippines (Update 2) - A magnitude 5.2 quake rocked the Bicol region and 7:06 pm on Tuesday. It was of tectonic origin and was centered three miles north of Masbate.
The quake was felt and the intensity of six and five in the city of Masbate and the intensity of four in the city of Sorsogon. Meanwhile, it is considered and the intensity of the three Roxas city and the intensity of the two Legaspi city.
Masbate City Mayor Socrates Tuason said there have been only minor structural damage structures such as cracks in the walls.There are no buildings collapsed.
Starting at 8 am, there has been no reports of casualties or injuries, but are waiting for reports to come.
"Mother to evaluate and take a pass. We are also willing to help if necessary," he said in a telephone interview this morning.
According to the deputy governor of Masbate Vince Revil, damage to the road network that are currently being evaluated. "Umaalon the road before," he said.
Local authorities are coordinating with the Philippine National Police and Army to obtain reports from all Masbate, particularly in areas where mining, such as shafts may have collapsed.
As for the status of power supply and utilities in Masbate, Revil said that no reports have yet come in.
As for the energy supply situation and utilities in Masbate, Revil, said no reports have yet arrived.
The replicas
According to Phivolcs Director Renato Solidum, there was a replica in Masbate which had a magnitude of 3.5 occurred and 7:13 am, seven minutes after the earthquake. A replica of intensity 2 was produced in the city of Roxas.
Solidum said it was just a coincidence that there have been recent earthquakes occurred close to each other. "The tremors did not cause the movement of the faults of others."
In February, the moderately strong earthquake struck Negros Oriental and Samar, causing some panic to our residents.
"These two events are connected with the movement of the faults are separated. The Masbate earthquake is due to movement of the Philippine fault zone. This fault moved in 2003 to generate an earthquake of magnitude 6.3. This event is tomorrow , just north of the epicenter of 2003. hope that earthquakes occur along this fault, "Solidum said in a telephone interview.
"The important thing for our countrymen to remember is that while large earthquakes do not occur regularly, we must be prepared in case of strong earthquakes occur," said Solidum.
Morning classes suspended
Revil also announced the suspension of classes in the morning in the city of Masbate.
"As of this morning, no classes to young people," he said. "A great panic ensued, especially in school because the school currently enrolled children in the earthquake happened."
Classes will resume in the afternoon depending on damage reports and recommendation Educación.ent Department of Education.

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