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10billion peso Luisita price sets off Corona’s woes

CJ Corona Oppose the 10 Billion Peso Hacienda Luisita Inc. for Famers - That's the reason of the Impeachment?

In a television interview on GMA 7 Network,  Corona, it is strictly against the Hacienda Luisita Inc. request to P10 billion as compensation for the distribution of the family business from the estate of sugar under the land reform program .
"I was the one for them and they get that amount blocked, they hit my head, and wanted to pushed me down," said Corona.
"It's the truth. This is the main cause of the accusation. If you ask me now why they want me, I think it's because I  blocked  the claim for P10 billion for the Hacienda Luisita. "
A group of farmers beneficiaries, on Wednesday slammed the president's family for delaying the distribution of land.
"We've reached the end of our patience with [Hacienda Luisita]. We have waited long enough, and still we remain slaves Cojuangcos with the land we have owned, "said President Felix Jr. Ambala Nacpil
"The Cojuangco Aquino and families are hungry for money. We should have won the possession of the land in 1967, but we are still waiting for five decades."
Corona said before President Aquino challenged the unanimous decision of the High Court in November 2011 to distribute to 4915.75 hectares sugar plantation in Tarlac and over 6,000 farmers.
Its rapid removal to the House came barely a month after the Supreme Court ruled that the traditional order.
Corona also criticized the Aquino administration to implement too much attention to his candidacy to oust him.
"It would be better if we think of the welfare of our people. The situation in the Philippines is in the form of unemployment, poverty, degradation, [and] the rise in gas prices," said Corona.
"We should put our attention to these pressing concerns. It is not good governance to fight when we do. It would be better if we were at peace and our authorities worked together."
Corona was among the judges, who, in previous decisions of the Supreme Court that the property owners of sugar have the ability to recall shares voted instead to distribute land.
Presidential spokesman Edwin Lacierda said it was loyalty to Arroyo, Corona, who assured the charges laid against him.
"It's not the Hacienda Luisita. This is his loyalty to former president doggies," he said.
He said he did not believe the Supreme Court acquittal of Corona would be strengthened. He dared the judges, the judgment of the Court, except for employees on the testimony of impeachment to remove.
Senator Judge Ferdinand Marcos Jr. said that public statements made by Mr. Aquino and the Chief Justice has only served to confuse the issues surrounding the impeachment.
He told reporters that Mr. Aquino had said repeatedly against Corona only tend to confuse people.
"It blurs the water on this" in fact, the evidence before the court, said Marcos.
"I do not know what the purpose, because the senator-judges a lot about what to be concentrated during the process."

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