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Floyd Mayweather beats Miguel Cotto

• Floyd Mayweather wins with unanimous points decision
• Judges score fight 117-111, 117-111, 118-110
• Miguel Cotto refuses to be interviewed after bout

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Kevin will be updating us with all the atmosphere and latest chatter at the MGM Grand, and Steve Busfield will be hosting the round-by-round coverage when the fight starts. Join us for what should be an entertaining evening.
Share your thoughts/predictions/links/jokes/whatever via email or via Twitter to @Busfield.
Disappointment: Who remembers Mayweather vs Victor Ortiz? Let's hope we don't have a finish like that one. Refresh your memory here. I was still receiving furious tweets and emails weeks after that bout. And, although Mayweather won within the letter of the law, many still refuse to believe he won it within the spirit. Now, we can say that that is nonsense. But, as boxing strives to maintain relevance in a world where there are other fighting sports springing up all around, the sport needs its champions to win well.
Predictions: So, is anyone prepared to predict anything other than a Mayweather victory? Sports Illustrated's experts unanimously tip Floyd Mayweather Jr for the win, two by late-round stoppage and the other by unanimous points.
Come on, who do you think will win? Share your predictions via email or via Twitter to @Busfield.
What time: Inevitably, the first email into my inbox is about timings: david griffiths asks: "hey Steve - what time is kick-off?...the boxing, that is :-)". Luca Massaro asks the same thing on Twitter.
Here's what Kevin Mitchell, our man at the MGM Grand says on that:
"In ring no earlier than 8pm but could be a deal later if earlier fights go the distance.
Alvarez-Mosley due on at 7pm."
So, that's 8pm Vegas time, 11pm New York time (where I'm sat), which is 4am British Summer Time, and, well, you work out the rest. (This always makes me laugh. Always)
On the plus side, the undercard could be tasty, not least Shane Mosley vs. Saul "Canelo" Alvarez.
Predictions: @shawna_dennis tweets:
"@Busfield must admit again I pull for the underdog. Though I don't really believe Cotto will win. Even if he beats Money."

Shawna had already tweeted: "Tonight no ppv. Husband refuses until Money fights Pacman. Lol."
That could be a long wait...
HBO predictions: So, HBO is running some rather astonishing results from its prediction question to viewers:
41% - Mayweather by decision
6% - Cotto by decision
20% - Mayweather by KO
32% - Cotto by KO
1% - draw
Undercard: Jessie Vargas vs Steve Forbes is underway. I will be going to round-by-round for Mosley vs Alvarez.
Can Cotto do it? There's no doubt that Miguel Cotto is a decent boxer, but he's not really been the same boxer since he was controversially beaten by Antonio Margarito a few years ago. You can see that fight here:
Margarito was caught with loaded gloves in another later bout. Cotto will always believe that he was a victim of such a tactic in their first fight.

Cotto gained his revenge in December. But it was an undistinguished victory.
Cotto has, however, only lost two fights in his career: that one against Margarito and to Manny Pacquiao. No shame in losing to him.
Pacman: Pacquiao will be fighting again on 9 June against the unbeaten Timothy Bradley. We will be liveblogging again then...
Undercard: Jessie Vargas and Steve Forbes are now into the fourth round, but it's a bit of a dance to be honest.
Live blog: Twitter
Some tweets: John Marty Martin Jr tweets:
"@busfield please keep me posted. I'm having Comcast trouble for the second fight in a row! I want 2 see the fight. I might save $ though."
Mikey Large adds: "@Busfield Keep up the good work, looking forward to the live blog. Yorkshire men know how to do things right."
No predictions, fellas?
Prediction: Aha, here's someone prepared to stick their neck out. Olga Romero ‏tweets: "To answer your question @Busfield I believe #Cotto has the heart to win the fight tonight. He knows: No win, no future career."
That's true, Olga, but is it enough?
Undercard: Six rounds down and Vargas and Forbes are still sparring. Vargas is well ahead on points.
Coming up: Shane Mosley is now 40 years old. Indeed, his opponent, WBC junior-middleweight champion Alvarez is the same age, 21, as Mosley's son, Shane Jr.
Alvarez is hoping for a fight against Mayweather in the not-too-distant future.
Mosley has fought Mayweather. And Pacquiao. And lost both.

Inside the MGM Grand: Kevin Mitchell writes from ringside:
"Atmosphere tense here. It was Puerto Rico 1, USA 0 after the last fight, when 35-year-old former world welterweight champ Carlos Quintana knocked over DeAndre Latimore at light-middle in the fifth. Oddly, Latimore's trainer, Jeff Mayweather (Floyd's) uncle, wasn't in his corner. Sadly missed, obviously.
Bumped into Paulie Malignaggi, a world champ again and a big favourite in the UK. "I'm so excited about this one," the New Yorker said. "It's a fight between the best fighter I ever fought (Cotto) and the best fighter I've ever seen." Paulie, who revived his career when he stopped unbeaten WBA welter champ Vyacheslav Senchenko in front of his Ukrainian fans in Donetsk, last weekend, was all smiles, as ever. But he is miffed he can't take up an invitation from the BBC to work the microphone at Amir Khan's world title fight here on the 19th. "My sister decided to get married that day."
Paulie gave Cotto a terrific fight at Madison Square Garden at light-welter six years ago. There's life in the old dog yet. Maybe we'll see him in the UK."
Another prediction: Brendan tweets: "@Busfield Predictions? Cotto and Mayweather will punch each other. Cotto might win!"
Let's hope there's some punching.
Anybody want to predict something really weird might happen? Like Mayweather knocking down his opponent as he attempts to apologise? Or how about something like this:
Okay, that's probably not going to happen in an indoor arena. But, you get the idea.
And more predictions: Lee Thumwood ‏ tweets: "@Busfield Stuck on a night shift in LDN. Your updates are MASSIVELY appreciated...Floyd by KO in the 8th"
Craig Cottrell emails: "Mayweather fights more flat-footed at the higher weight, something for Cotto to exploit with body attacks. Cotto has decent footwork, so he needs to vary his attacks, but most of his work has to be at close range where speed is not so important."
Victor Anfu ‏tweets: "@busfield I'm a fan of yours from long ago.Loved your Wire coverage&comments.Reading your Mayweather/Cotto MBM.Any links for radio coverage?...But I will obviously still be reading your MBM as well. :)"

Thanks, Victor. I believe that only has 3 copies of The Wire Re-Up still left to buy, so hurry, hurry, hurry...
Can anybody help Victor with directions to radio coverage? or tweet @Busfield.
Undercard: Vargas wins with a unanimous points decision. That was a particularly unengaging contest.
Ringside: Kevin Mitchell writes:
"Mayweather and Cotto are in the building (which is always encouraging) but I don't think we're going to see them swapping pleasantries until 8.30pm at the earliest, the way the card is going.
Jesse Vargas, a local Mayweather protege Floyd tried to foist on to Khan a year or so ago as an "eliminator" before any showdown between them, was up against another 35-year-old with a few tricks, Steve Forbes. Vargas, slick enough at 22 and undefeated, gave his fellow Las Vegan his 11th defeat in 46 fights over 10 dull rounds at welter. It didn't do much for the crowd's patience."
Mexican national anthem: Mosley vs Alvarez is getting the national anthem treatment. Live boxing blogging starting soon.
But first a couple more predictions for the top of the bill:
Corin McEwan tweets: "@busfield Here's a prediction for you, Money stops Cotto in the 10th."
Shawna Dennis, who isn't going to be watching any live PPV fighting for quite some time, tweets: "@iamluca @busfield so it's gotta be Mayweather by decision or Cotto by Knock Out."
Covering your options there, Shawna.
Here they come: Shane Mosley, 40, and Canelo Alvarez, 21, are heading to the ring.
If Alvarez wins he may earn a bout with Mayweather (although, Floyd seems pretty adept at making sure he picks his opponents when he's almost certain to beat them).
If Mosley wins would he want to climb in the ring with Mayweather again? Maybe he could pass a possible challenge on to his son, Shane Jr.
Michael Buffer: is doing the introductions...
Round one: Crowd are up for this. Sugar Shane starts the jabbing, stepping forward, A minute in and Alvarez still hasn't thrown a punch. 90 seconds in Alvarez lands a good jab followed by a strong left hand body shot. Crowd chanting Canelo (translates as cinnamon. Canelo is one of those red-haired Mexicans). Guardian unofficial scorecard: Mosley 10-9 Alvarez
Round two: Alvarez is the counter-puncher, Mosley is the instigator. Mosley doesn't look like he wants to get in close though. When they do get in close Alvarez lands a left hook. But Mosley responds with a left hook of his own. And then Alvarez lands a big left to the body. And then there's some clinching. At the bell Alvarez dances away. he may have done his sizing up now... Guardian unofficial scorecard: Mosley 10-10 Alvarez
Round three: Mosley makes a wild swing with his right which Alvarez easily ducks under. Alvarez moving closer and landing some strong body shots. Mosley is still jabbing, but Alvarez's jabs look to be making more impact. But Alvarez has a cut - from a butt? Referee stops the fight for a moment, but they're off again. This is the first cut of Alvarez's career. The cut is above his left eye, below the eyebrow. That could be trouble. Replay shows it was an accidental headbutt. Guardian unofficial scorecard: Mosley 9-10 Alvarez
Round four: If the fight is stopped for the cut - from an accidental butt - the decision will be made on points at the time it is stopped. As long as it's after this round. Alvarez is coming forward more here. And his punches look much the harder. Alvarez not taking any chances and he's not bleeding much Guardian unofficial scorecard: Mosley 9-10 Alvarez
Round five: They're trading punch for punch, but Mosley's are soft little point-scoring jabs, while Alvarez look like they carry some force. Canelo lands a hard jab that knocks Mosley's head back. Hard. Canelo lands a low blow and the ref gives him a verbal warning. Guardian unofficial scorecard: Mosley 10-10 Alvarez
Round six: Mosley comes forward, still spotting jabs. Alvarez dances and is starting to throw some combinations. Left-right, one-two from Alvarez. And then a couple of big lefts from Alvarez hit Mosley's body, and then another to the head. Mosley into a corner. Guardian unofficial scorecard: Mosley 9-10 Alvarez

Cotto: An HBO camera in the Cotto dressing room shows a very tender moment as he talks to his son. Sweet.
Round seven: Mosley's face is starting to get swollen. Does he really want to go the full 12 rounds? Does he have enough left in his 40-year-old arms for a knock out? The longer this goes on the more likely the younger Mexican is to win. Alvarez trying some bigger punches, some right round-arms. A combination from Alvarez leaves Mosley looking a little non-plussed. Mosley hanging in. Guardian unofficial scorecard: Mosley 9-10 Alvarez
Round eight: Mosley's corner telling him that was his best round. I don't think so. They're also telling him he needs to get it done. They're right there. Mosley coming forward and grappling, which is stopping Alvarez's power punches. Mosley gets Alvarez on the ropes and throws half-a-dozen jabs without reply. But now the Mexican comes back. His shots are undoubtedly stronger. Mosley withstands it. Ref shouts "Watch your head, Shane." I might give that round to the veteran. Just. Guardian unofficial scorecard: Mosley 10-9 Alvarez
Round nine: They get in tight. Alvarez ought to win from here, but how convincing would it be? He needs to do something a bit more impressive. Ref again tells Mosley to watch his head. Finally Canelo throws a couple of big combinations. Mosley looks worn down by those. A big left to the body temporarily stuns Mosley. Guardian unofficial scorecard: Mosley 9-10 Alvarez
Round ten: Mosley's corner telling him that if he has something left then he needs to land a big one. Mosley is slow out of his corner. It's still Alvarez landing the stronger punches. Mosley still standing but his punches aren't hurting his younger opponent. Canelo is bleeding quite hard now. A hard right hand from Alvarez knocks Mosley back. Guardian unofficial scorecard: Mosley 9-10 Alvarez
Emails and tweets: I have a huge backlog of emails and tweets which I will try to get through before the main event...
Round eleven: Mosley probably can't win, but he's determined to go to the end. Alvarez is still landing strong punches. Mosley is giving it a go here, a strong right cross lands in Alvarez's face. Then Alvarez lands a strong combination. Mosley almost goes toppling through the ropes as he stumbles. Mosley might be beaten and looks bushed, but he's refusing to be stopped. Old fighters never die. Or something. Guardian unofficial scorecard: Mosley 9-10 Alvarez
Round twelve: Standing ovation for the pair as they come out again. Some of them might think they are saying goodbye to Shane Mosley's boxing career. Some clinching, some jabbing. Mosley throws a haymaker in a desperate bid for a late knockout: it gets nowhere near. Alvarez has slowed as this fight has gone on. But now they both throw some desperate attempts to land a last-round KO. Neither look like managing it. And it's over. There's an embrace and some respect. Guardian unofficial scorecard: Mosley 9-10 Alvarez
Result: Alvarez by unanimous points decision...
Interview: Alvarez says: "It was a great experience. Thank you to Mosley for giving me his experience."
"Being cut is a new experience."
"Mayweather, Cotto, Pacquiao, I am ready."
Interview: Mosely is smiling, looking cheerfully resigned. "These kids are really beating me up, eh?"
"He was pretty quick. He could go a long way. His punches were sharp and crisp."
"I live to fight. When you get the kids start to beat you up you might need to start promoting." And then he chuckles.
"It was great to hear the crowd cheering for me. I gave it all I got. I made sure he was worthy of being one of the kinds of the ring."
Ringside: Kevin Mitchell writes:
"How good is Alvarez? Not good enough to knock out a 40-year-old legend whose legs and punch left him at least three years ago, but he did what he had to do, winning widely on all three cards. This, after all, was Mosley in front of him, albeit a shadow of the fighter who had beaten De la Hoya twice. He will surely leave boxing now, one of the modern greats, a six-title champion. He might have stayed too long, but it was his choice, his business, his health. Now it is Alvarez's turn. He is a little static still, in his pre-punch set-up, but has an impressive selection of hurtful punches from all angles. And he is only 21."
Scorecards: The judges' scorecards for that one were: 119-109, 118-110, 119-109
Backlog: So, here's a bunch of your thoughts:
Chris Perron writes: "Cotto. Please let him win!"
Johnny in Michigan: "Steve: Money in 6 rounds TKO. That's my take, amigo."
Jacob Stafford tweets: "do you think mayweather 1/7 on is a true reflection?"
Alex Diaz tweets: "@Busfield Money, money, money. I don't think this will go as long as most expect, Mayweather by KO in the 5th or 6th"
Floyd Mayweather JrFloyd poses. Photograph: Steve Marcus/Reuters
And here they come: Here comes Floyd Mayweather - who, shortly after this fight will be spending the summer in a Vegas jail - wearing some kind of red and white leather jacket, with studs on the shoulders. A sort of vicious looking Santa.
And here comes...: Cotto arrives wearing a robe covered in more advertising than a Formula One driver. With hsi son in front of him.
Moment of truth: Mr King-C tweets: "@Busfield your prediction for the may-cotto fight?"
Mayweather. On points.
Michael Buffer: Let's Get Ready To Rumble...

Beiber: Chris Harper emails: "No thoughts on fucking Justin Bieber carrying the damn belt???"
I think you've just said what needs to be said on that subject, Chris.
Last thoughts: There's a surge of emails in my inbox pleading for Cotto to win....
here we go: the bell has rung...
Round one: Cotto is wearing some strange pink socks. They're wearing 10-pound gloves. Those are big. They've both jabbing. And now they're tangling. Mayweather uses that left arm to hold Cotto's right down. Cotto is the one going forward more. But Mayweather is landing more punches. Just Guardian unofficial scorecard: Mayweather 10-9 Cotto
Round two: Mayweather's jab is the more effective. Cotto picks Mayweather up and for a second looks like he will lift his opponent out of the ring. he apologises afterwards. When Cotto comes in close, Mayweather is wrapping him up. Cotto pushes Mayweather into the corner and lands a few. Cotto is landing more jabs in this round. Mayweather spent most of that round on the ropes. But at least not over them Guardian unofficial scorecard: Mayweather 9-10 Cotto
Round three: Cotto starts off jabbing. The crowd are chanting "Cotto! Cotto! Cotto!" Cotto goes to the body and Mayweather counters with a strong right. Mayweather rolling through most of Cotto's punches with his high left shoulder. Cotto finally lands a jab onto Mayweather's chin. Another left hand jab by Cotto lands on Mayweather's chin. And then there's some more grappling. 50 Cent in the crowd seems to be having fun. Guardian unofficial scorecard: Mayweather 10-9 Cotto
Round four: Mayweather keeps his eyes fixed on Cotto. And now Mayweather comes forward and his right hand connects several times. All body shots. Less grappling in this round as they spar around the middle of the ring. Until Cotto gets Mayweather into the corner and his left jab scores. This is a much more convincing performance from Cotto than his last outing. Mayweather's nose is bleeding a little but he still landed more punches there. Mainly because he slips away from Cotto's shots. Guardian unofficial scorecard: Mayweather 10-9 Cotto
Round five: Craig emails: "Mayweather's the perfect defensive fighter. And cotto's explosive......seems to play into floyd's style. But I'v always thought cotto's the one man that would have a chance of knocking floyd out. Granted he can get close enough." I agree with much of that. Cotto wants to land some big punches, but Mayweather rolls away from them. Even when he spends most of the first minute of this round in the corner. Mayweather throws plenty of punches even when in the corner. Cotto's punches still mostly striking or glancing off Mayweather's shoulder. Cotto lands a strong left to Mayweather's face. They're trading shots.Guardian unofficial scorecard: Mayweather 10-10 Cotto

Round six: Cotto gets Mayweather on the ropes again and for a fraction of a second Mayweather looks hurt/surprised by a jab that got through flush on the face. Mayweather is egging Cotto on by dropping his gloves when they're in the middle of the ring. Cotto lands a hook when he didn't seem in position to do so. Mayweather's face is pretty bloody, but that's still just his nose. Now Mayweather is going forward more. Guardian unofficial scorecard: Mayweather 10-10 Cotto
Round seven: They're spending more time in the middle of the ring. It's Mayweather coming forward again, but Cotto is rolling away from his punches. A 1-2-3-4 form Cotto to Mayweather's body. Mayweather throws his own 2-3 combo. But they're not all landing. And then they grapple and Mayweather stops Cotto from throwing any punches. At the end of the round Mayweather lands a combo. And he's still bleeding from the nose Guardian unofficial scorecard: Mayweather 10-9 Cotto
Round eight of twelve: Cotto in black shorts, pink socks and many, many tattoos, gets Mayweather onto the rope. And Cotto is landing some of these body shorts. Cotto's left uppercut is landing. They come away from the ropes and lean against each other. Cotto throws another left-right-left combo. Mayweather looks a bit shocked in the corner as Cotto lands more combos. Mayweather shakes his head at Cotto. But what is he trying to say? His nose is bleeding pretty badly. Guardian unofficial scorecard: Mayweather 9-10 Cotto
Round nine: Mayweather back to the ropes again but Cotto doesn't land anything significant. And then there's some grappling in the middle of the ring. Cotto has stopped Mayweather's scoring punches in this round, but neither is he landing much. And back to the grappling. Mayweather throwing more punches, looking as if he realises that he needs to go on the offensive. This is a lot closer than he was expecting.Guardian unofficial scorecard: Mayweather 10-10 Cotto
Round ten: They grapple and neither can land any scoring punches. Cotto is looking a little tired. He was coming on strong in rounds 6/7/8 but he's not following through as much now. Mayweather lands good left jabs. And then Cotto comes back at the end of the road with a pair of combinations. Guardian unofficial scorecard: Mayweather 10-10 Cotto
Round eleven: I bet both boxers think they're winning now. Mayweather still seems to be the one landing better punches, but Cotto is throwing more. Many of those deflect off Mayweather's shoulder. Will be interesting to see how the judges score this. Whatever happens I'm certain some will be upset. Which would be a pity because this is a good fight. Mayweather is back in the corner. But even when he's there, he still seems to land more punches. Cotto is doing a good job of avoiding Mayweather's punches now. But it is Mayweather who is throwing more.Guardian unofficial scorecard: Mayweather 10-9 Cotto
Round twelve: Cotto's corner tell him this is the deciding round. Is it? I think Mayweather has done enough. Just. Now the pair of them are talking. And now Mayweather throws a flurry of punches in the middle of the ring. There's some wrestling and grappling and then Mayweather lands a big right, and then an uppercut that hurst Cotto. Another Mayweather uppercut hurts Cotto. For a second he looks as if he might finish it off, but Cotto recovers. Now Mayweather dances away and plays it safe. And then there's another flurry. A big hug between the two. And a big smile from Mayweather. Guardian unofficial scorecard: Mayweather 10-9 Cotto
HBO: HBO scores it 117-111 to Mayweather. i think it might be closer than that. And, of course, it depends on how the judges were scoring the flurries of Cotto punches. How many landed? How many of them scored?
Scorecards : 117-111, 117-111, 118-110. Mayweather wins!
Crowd: A muted response from the crowd. The HBO punch count has Mayweather well ahead.
Mayweather: The new champion is being interviewed by Larry Merchant who says that Floyd apologised to him for their contretemps after the last fight.
"Miguel Cotto was a tough competitor. He's tough, he's a future Hall of Famer."
"He came to fight, he didn't come for survival. He's a tough competitor."
Asked about going into a "lonely cell", Mayweather says "I have to accept it like a true man."
Now he's complaining about Bob Arun and why he's the reason a Pacquiao fight won't happen.
"I can't say who's next on my radar. I want to thank everyone who bought pay-per-view."
"I've been trying to make the Manny Pacquiao fight. Miguel didn't have a trouble taking the test."
Some emails: Stacy Richardson says: "Interesting scoring. Judges seem never to give 10+10 rounds, though it seems to me every fight has at least one or two of 'em."
Leannan writes: "Boxing masterclass from Mayweather."
Craig writes: "Thanks for reading that comment out. Made me night mate. Enjoying the commentary too. I agree with your card mostly. But think 7 was 9-10 cotto. Tighter than I thought I'm impressed with cotto."
Jim Moore writes: "Your description of the fight seems to show that Cotto is winning... yet you keep giving the rounds to mayweather... what's the deal? Cotto seems to be the aggressor and has bloodied mayweather.. sounds like Cotto is winning."
Well, Jim, Cotto was more aggressive in many rounds. But he didn't always land his punches. Those fights are tough to call. But I think Mayweather deserved the decision.
More interviews: Cotto has disappeared to his room.
So Floyd Mayweather is back being interviewed again - he's jumped out of the ring to chat to the HBO commentators who seemed a little surprised. Got to give Mayweather his due, he has the gift of the gab and he knows how to schmooze the HBO PPV paymasters.
My count: A quick recount of my scorecard was 118-114. Perhaps there were too many 10-10 rounds. But Mayweather had a decisive edge.
Thanks: Thank you for your many, many, many emails and tweets. Just too many to include in the blog. So apologies if I didn't have time for yours.
Thanks for reading. We will be back with more boxing in two weeks for Amir Khan's rematch with Lamont Peterson.
Kevin Mitchell's fight report will be online shortly.
Good night

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