Lunes, Pebrero 27, 2012

Updates of The Iglesia Ni Cristo (GEM) Grand Evangelical Mission

An aerial view of the ongoing Grand Evangelical Mission in

 Quirino Grandstand where numerous members of
 Iglesia ni Cristo and invited guests attended the big event.
 This is a realization of worldwide intensified propagation of
 the words of God. #iglesianicristo

A swarm of vibrant colors filled the Quirino Grandstand
 grounds. Our Grand Evangelical Mission has started. 

Receptionists are lining up to accommodate the guests and
 attendees in the Grand Evangelical Mission at the Quirino
 Grandstand. #iglesianicristo

Here's a photo collage of how the Church has united so far 

today. #IglesiaNiCristo

Brethren expressing their support for today's Grand Evangelical Mission wave the Iglesia Ni Cristo standards proudly in front of the gathering crowd. #IglesiaNiCristo

More continue to arrive as time draws closer to the start of the Grand Evangelical Mission. #IglesiaNiCristo

The choir members from different locales of the metro have arrived early for their rehearsals. The dedication of each members arise despite the heat of the weather. #iglesianicristo

Since buses aren't budging anymore, brethren have started walking towards the venue. #iglesianicristo

A shot from the roof of the stage at 7:00 AM today. #iglesianicristo

All modes of transportation: Brethren riding their kalesa on their way to Quirino Grandstand here in Manila, managed to reach the venue because of their faith and perseverance. A display of how much brethren are willing to undertake any obstacle just to be able to cooperate with the administration and glorify our Almighty God. #iglesianicristo

A shot from the stage at 5:30 AM today. How many seats do you think are there? #iglesianicristo

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