Martes, Agosto 16, 2011

Video: LeBron James gets ‘dunked on’ in vague sense of the term

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Like many NBA superstars, LeBron James(notes) is currently traveling the world to expand his global brand and make friends with people who maybe didn't have "The Decision" broadcast in their countries. One of those countries is Taiwan, where James participated in a nation all-star charity game alongside some local legends on Friday. Nike put out a press release on the event here (via EOB).
You would expect LeBron to dominate a game like this one. And while he did, he also had a moment of embarrassment. Above, watch James get his pocket picked for a dunk at the other end. And then laugh, if you want.
Now, you may have seen this video elsewhere Monday with the notice that LeBron was dunked on. This is not entirely accurate. While James is in the area for the dunk, the play pretty clearly happens ahead of him: The Taiwanese player simply beat him to the basket and finished the dunk, narrowly avoiding a LeBron block. It's a very athletic and impressive play, but it would be wrong to say that LeBron got facialed at the rim.

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